Las Vegas Ballpark at Magic Hour
Las Vegas Ballpark at Magic Hour

Welcome to Spectra Photos! Spectra Photos specializes in creative high end architecture and interior photography for the Las Vegas area as well as the southwestern states of California, Arizona and Utah.

John Mastrogiacomo - Owner Spectra Photos
John Mastrogiacomo – Owner Spectra Photos

Hi, I’m John Mastrogiacomo, owner of Spectra Photos. With over 20 years of experience with photography and interior lighting, a full truck of lighting and grip gear, high end Canon cameras and “L” lenses including architectural  tilt shift lenses my crew and I are able to deliver the highest quality photos for commercial and corporate clients.

Even with all of the above experience and equipment it still is not enough.  I am also very competent with color correcting and compositing images with the latest high end software (Photoshop, PTGui, Topaz Gixapixel AI, DxO Viewpoint, Blackmagic Fusion, etc.)   Please see my Before and After page to see how much images can be enhanced.

Add to all this my superb customer service and you have a winning vendor for all your high end photography needs.  Feel free to call anytime (including evenings and weekends) and I’ll be glad to discuss your upcoming projects.

Timelapse on the Las Vegas Strip
Timelapse on the Las Vegas Strip

For more information please contact me via email or call or text  at 702-363-9289.

Aria Hotel - Flower Garden - Las Vegas
Aria Hotel – Flower Garden – Las Vegas

Some of the other things I do to make sure you get exactly the photos you need include free on site location scouting and compressing and uploading your images to your website.  Uploading your images correctly is very important.  I have delivered high quality images to some clients and they compressed and uploaded them themselves and the quality suffered.

Another unique service is my simple license agreement.  When I shoot images for you, you own them and can do whatever you want with them including selling them as stock images and licensing them to other clients. I just don’t believe you should get charged depending on how you use the images.  You paid me and the images are yours – period.

Please take some time to view my website and let me know if you have any questions about anything.  Also, be sure to view my Photo Eye Candy page just for some pure photography enjoyment!

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