Why Shoot Panoramas?

Panoramas can make a big difference in the look of your photos.  A lot of architectural, interior and real estate shots are panoramas that you probably didn’t even notice.

Panoramas can dramatically increase the horizontal resolution of a picture allowing very large photos to be printed.  The other big advantage of panoramas is to shoot wide photos with a perspective close to what your eye sees.

In case you didn’t know it you can shoot panoramas with your cell phone. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t usable for professional or commercial use although I use it as a pre-visualization tool.

Here is an example of the difference a panorama can make. This is a typical cell phone picture with no panorama.

Cell Phone Photo - No Panorama
Cell Phone Photo – No Panorama


Here is a panorama of the same scene using seven photos shot in a vertical orientation and stitched together using PTGui.  This picture can be printed  40″ wide with no enlargement!

Rotella Gallery - Panorama